• Membership Application
  • Pony Club New Member Book can be downloaded from the U.S. Pony Club website.
  • Pony Club fees are made up of the following components:
    1. U.S. Pony Club Annual Membership: $170.00
      Includes national ($130), regional ($20), and club (20) fees
    2. Pony Club Riding and Horse Management Instruction: $150.00 per quarter ($600 per year)
      Includes 1 hour group riding lesson (3 weeks per month) from certified instructor plus a 2-hour horse management lesson (once a month). This works out to be less than $17 per lesson.
    3. Fallbrook Riders Field membership: $125.00
      We ride at Fallbrook Riders Field. All Pony Club members must also become a member of Fallbrook Riders Field. The annual Fallbrook Riders Field Family Membership is $125.00 and is paid directly to Fallbrook Riders Field. 

Fallbrook Pony Club members receive a discount on selected products at Performance Horse Supply in Bonsall